Graduating high school is an exciting milestone for students, but it can also be intimidating. Up until this point, students have known what is expected of them and have had teachers and parents providing guidance. Now all of a sudden, students are expected to prepare for university or college, with lecture-style classes, minimal guidance, and greater levels of accountability than they may be used to.

The transition from high school to post-secondary school is definitely not an easy one, and students may feel stressed, anxious, and uncertain. Parents want to help, but aren’t sure how much they should get involved. How can students learn how to be organized, advocate for themselves, and set themselves up for success in post-secondary school? All of these skills can be taught!

Post-Secondary Prep

Academic and Life Skills for Success

Students going into post-secondary school

This program will prepare students for the transition to postsecondary education. Throughout the course, participants will practice self-reflection and evaluation to arrive at a system that works for them! Students will leave feeling empowered and motivated to thrive in a new environment.

This 10-hour course teaches students strategies for:

forming good habits
staying organized
managing their time
tackling assignments
accessing support services
note-taking and researching

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