Executive functioning refers to the group of skills required to get things done! These include planning, prioritizing, time management, sustained attention, goal-directed persistence, and task initiation.

Young children depend on their parents to pack school bags, offer homework reminders, and enforce bedtimes. However, as students move into middle and high school, their parents and teachers begin to expect more. How do we learn to manage our own time, stay on task, and remember important deadlines? As with any other important life skill, we must be taught.

Executive Functioning Courses

Power Planners Jr. and Power Planners Sr.

Grades 6 to 8 (Junior) and Grades 9 to 12 (Senior)

These programs are designed for students who want to strengthen their executive functioning skills. Students get to know themselves and their organizational style, explore a variety of tools and strategies and select the ones that work best for them.

These 10-hour courses teach students to:

 Use agendas, calendars, or online tools to manage deadlines
 Break up large projects into manageable chunks
 Take notes, prepare for tests, and work well with others
 Keep binders, backpacks, and lockers tidy and organized
 Communicate effectively with teachers and advocate for their own learning


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Executive Functioning Courses FAQs

The programs are delivered according to a direct instruction pedagogy, which involves the explicit teaching of concepts in a strategic and systematic manner. This approach enhances student understanding of the topic presented and allows for the mastery of new skills.
We have been supporting our 1-to-1 students with their executive functioning skills for many years, and have perfected a method of teaching these skills that provides students with the support they need while encouraging their independence.
All instructors have either B.Ed or M.Ed certification. They have extensive classroom and 1-to-1 teaching experience and are well trained in the program. All teachers are supervised by the Director of Education.
Yes. These courses include all necessary materials, including a student workbook with ample resources they will use during the class and beyond. Parents can help their children by familiarizing themselves with the workbook contents and the class method.
These programs do not assign homework.
Did you know that the ability to organize and complete school-assigned tasks impacts academic success as much as IQ? Many students don’t receive the grades they are capable of because they struggle with executive functioning skills. Of course, grades are influenced by a variety of factors, but students’ grades will generally improve when our strategies are applied.