Direct Instruction and Reading Program

Our certified and highly-trained learning specialists use Direct Instruction pedagogy, Orton-Gillingham principles, and multisensory activities to help students achieve – and surpass – their grade level reading skills.

This highly effective approach involves teaching literacy skills using a strategic and systematic method until students master the concepts, moving up and beyond grade-level expectations. Direct Instruction is delivered using cutting-edge and dynamic methods that are tailored to individual learning styles and ensure student engagement.

If referred by a psychologist or educational professional, our learning specialists take direction from the recommendations provided in psycho-educational assessments (or other professional assessments) to create personalized lesson plans that include Direct Instruction programs.


Please refer to the 1-to-1 Programming page for in-depth information about our 1-to-1 personalized teaching.


Direct Instruction Details

What Literacy Skills Are Taught?

AT RRLS, we focus on helping students:

Strengthen phonological awareness: We use multi-sensory games and activities to promote an understanding of the sound structure of spoken words necessary for strong reading skills.

Master phonemes and spelling patterns: We use structured programs to teach phonics, an essential part of decoding (sounding words out) and encoding (spelling unfamiliar words).

Build reading fluency: Students to recognize high-frequency words and read with speed, accuracy, and expression.

Improve reading comprehension: Higher-order thinking is promoted by helping students achieve a deeper understanding of the details of a text, along with the ability to make inferences and draw conclusions.


Which Students Benefit Most from Direct Instruction?

Whether your child is an emergent or experienced reader, our trained teachers can support their needs. Our programs are particularly beneficial for students with:

Weak phonological awareness
Dyslexia or other language-based reading disabilities
Non-verbal learning disabilities
Other learning differences
Enriched reading needs

Learn more about the learning exceptionalities we work with:

What Direct Instruction Programs Are Used?

RRLS uses research-based Direct Instruction programs modeled on the highly effective principles of the Orton-Gillingham Approach, including:

Reading Mastery
Wilson Reading System


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