Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space (RRLS) provides personalized educational support for Pre K-12 students in Toronto, including those with learning differences.

Originally established as a tutoring company in 1996, RRLS has since evolved into something much more unique. RRLS provides individualized academic and special education support that goes well beyond the role of a standard tutor. The 1-to-1 programming is centered on research-based Direct Instruction programs, and incorporates kinesthetic learning and other creative teaching methods.

For 20 years, RRLS’s approach to teaching through sensory and motor activities, combined with tailoring to specific learning styles, has yielded excellent measurable results.


We offer the following premium services:

 1-to-1 support customized to help students who require Direct Instruction and a systematic approach to the learning process.
 Group classes and camps in various subjects including keyboarding, written expression, handwriting, and time management and organization.


We have proudly built a team of full-time educators who:

 are Ontario certified and have additional teaching qualifications in areas such as reading, math, and special education.
are well-versed in Direct Instruction.
 have in-depth knowledge about the private school and university admission process.
are caring, warm, and invested in our students’ success.
have years of experience working closely with students, families, psychologists, school staff, and other professionals to ensure a cohesive support team.


These are some of the features that define our specialty services:


All lessons are tailored to individual needs and learning styles. Students are matched with a certified teacher according to needs and personality.

Broad: Remediation & Enrichment

Teachers are ready to tackle what is most beneficial for the student’s advancement and success, be it remediation or enrichment.


We work closely with students, families, psychologists, school staff, and other professionals to ensure a cohesive support team.


Sessions are delivered in a private classroom free from noise and distraction, allowing students to build the confidence necessary to take risks and extend their learning.

 Kinesthetic & Multisensory

Teachers use dynamic, visual, auditory, and tactile teaching methods that engage all learning styles.


Teachers use Direct Instruction to provide a clear and systematic approach to facilitate learning.


Teachers are experts on the latest assistive technology software, apps, and built-in tools available.


Teachers are deeply invested in students’ satisfaction, development, and success.


Instruction can be provided in English and in French.


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