There’s no denying that writing down ideas in an organized manner is difficult.

Rumack Writing classes teach a systematic approach to writing and practical strategies to work through feelings of anxiety that often come with writing assignments.

Students learn new concepts through interactive games and hands-on activities as they build and foster their abilities to clearly communicate their ideas. Our students leave feeling empowered with the tools and strategies that they can apply to writing in the future.

Who Benefits from Rumack Writing?

Rumack Writing is designed for students who need some additional support expressing themselves in writing. These students might feel intimidated by the writing process, they might not know where or how to begin, and they might feel overwhelmed by a wealth of ideas.

Rumack Writing breaks down the writing process into manageable, easily repeatable pieces and provides students with strategies to apply in future writing endeavours.

Rumack Writing Courses

Power Sentences

Grades: 2 to 4

This program is fitting of students in Grades 2-4 who are beginning to write and/or are interested in strengthening their structuring of sentences. Through a variety of active and workbook activities, students will learn about different sentence structures, parts of speech, punctuation, and editing. In addition, they will have the opportunity to write detailed sentences on a variety of topics.

Students leave the 10-hour course with:

 A stronger understanding and application of various sentence structures and grammar mechanics
 The ability and confidence to write clear, yet detailed sentences
 Checklists and reference sheets for support with future writing
 Completed sentences on different subjects

Power Paragraphs

Grades: 3 to 5

This program is catered to students in grade 3-5 who want to strengthen their understanding of paragraph writing and review how to construct well-written sentences. Students learn a numbered approach to writing in order to simplify the terminology through a variety of interactive games and hands-on activities. Students write an array of paragraphs about topics of their choosing and practice applying the writing process each time.

Students leave the 10-hour course with:

 An understanding of how to apply the writing process
 Confidence with the paragraph structure
 Checklists and reference pages to use in the future
 Completed paragraphs

Persuasive Power

Grades: 6 to 8

This course is designed for students in Grades 6-8 who want to develop their persuasive writing skills. Students will participate in both collaborative and individual writing activities to solidify their knowledge of persuasive paragraph structure. This class will focus on each stage of the writing process (brainstorm, organize, write, improve, and edit) and paragraph structure. An ideal next step for students who have completed the RRLS Power Paragraphs curriculum or as preparation for essay writing.

This 10-hour course teaches:

The APE method for persuasive writing (Argue, Prove, Explain)
Persuasive paragraph structure
How to create specific and relevant proofs to support an argument
How to write effective explanations
How to incorporate information from research

Power Opinion Essay

Grades: 6 to 9

This program is suited for students in grades 6-9 who want to learn or improve their knowledge of the essay writing process by writing a persuasive essay requiring no research. During class, students will be exploring the four stages of writing through hands-on activities and games. Students will also write an opinion essay as a team (with their peers and the teacher) as well as independently in order to foster and develop these skills for future essays.

This 10-hour course teaches:

 Confidence about how to apply the opinion essay writing process (plan, organize, write, perfect)
 Excellent comprehension of the structure of a 5-paragraph opinion essay
 Graphic organizers, reusable resources, and reference pages
 Two completed opinion essays
 Personalized feedback from their teacher

Power Research Essay

Grades: 9 to 12

This program is tailored to students in grades 9-12 who already have a good grasp of the essay structure and who wish to build specific skills required for research essays. There is an emphasis on locating and evaluating scholarly sources, taking research notes, avoiding plagiarism, paraphrasing, and using MLA, APA, or Chicago Style formatting. Students will also explore the five stages of the essay writing process (plan, research, organize, write, and perfect) by writing one research essay collaboratively with their classmates and another one independently. 

This 16-hour course includes:

 Confidence in the research essay writing process
 Knowledge of where to find scholarly sources and how to take great research notes
 A solid understanding of plagiarism and APA or Chicago Style formatting
 Graphic organizers, reusable resources, and reference pages
 Two completed research essays
 Personalized feedback from their teacher

Get Started!

Rumack Writing FAQs

While Rumack Writing is designed for students who are intimidated by the writing process and do not know where to begin, the program can be adjusted to meet the needs of all students, at all writing levels. Additionally, Rumack Writing is designed to be kinesthetic and multi-sensory, appealing to all types of learners. Each session begins with a series of dynamic and interactive activities that gradually leads into the written work. Rumack Writing is offered to students in a one-to-one format.

Rumack Writing can be used effectively with students seeking both enrichment and remediation.

Enrichment: Rumack Writing is ideal for students ready to broaden their craft and apply these new skills to a variety of writing genres (i.e., narrative, expository, or descriptive prose).

Remediation: Rumack Writing’s systematic approach provides students with a clear and concise map to composing written work. This approach is beneficial for students with learning differences in reading, written expression, and executive functioning issues, as well as for students with ADD/ADHD.

The program is delivered according to a Direct Instruction pedagogy, which involves the explicit teaching of concepts in a strategic and systematic manner. This approach enhances student understanding of the topic presented, and allows for the mastery of new skills. The Rumack Writing program is taught on a one-to-one basis.

We have been teaching Rumack Writing to our one-to-one students for several years and have perfected a dynamic, interactive, and accessible way to teach the program.

All Rumack Writing instructors have either B.Ed or M.Ed certification. They have extensive classroom and one-to-one teaching experience, and are well trained in the program. All teachers are supervised by the Director of Education.

Yes. The Rumack Writing course includes all necessary materials, including a student workbook with ample resources and regular assignments. Parents can help their children by familiarizing themselves with the workbook contents and the Rumack Writing method.

Students will be sent home with short assignments to complete between classes in order to reinforce the Rumack Writing lessons. Homework will be reviewed and feedback will be provided. Rumack Writing can only be fully effective if the homework is completed.

Due to the clear and concise structure Rumack Writing teaches, students’ grades will generally improve when Rumack Writing strategies are used. However, there are a number of variables that can affect academic success. Learning to write effectively is an ongoing process, and each individual learns in his or her own time. RRLS offers a great opportunity for students to dramatically increase their skills and confidence, and reach milestones they never thought possible.

One-to-one lessons can be arranged at your home.