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Classes with insufficient registration will be canceled 2 weeks prior to the start date. Register now to avoid disappointment! For confirmed classes, registration will remain open on our website until the Friday before the first class.

Masking is no longer mandatory in our space. Masking will still be welcomed and masks will be available at reception.


Price: $350

QWERTY is designed to teach proper keyboarding techniques, as well as correct posture and positioning, efficient typing strokes, and strategies to improve accuracy and speed.




Price: $450

Based on our own phonics and sight words book series, The Yak Pack is an exciting, multisensory program for beginner readers. Students will work through the first two books of Comics and Phonics and the first book of Sight Word Stories. Each student will also receive the complete 9-book set to continue their learning at home.

Early Reading

Price: $450

Handwriting – printing is based on Handwriting Without Tears™, a research-based, award-winning instructional program designed to teach strategies for letter formation, spacing, neatness, and writing efficiency.

Handwriting – Printing

Price: $450

This course teaches how to construct well-written sentences within a paragraph. Students learn a numbered approach to writing through a variety of interactive games and hands-on activities.

Power Paragraphs A 

Power Paragraphs B 

Price: $360

This class focuses on each stage of the writing process (brainstorm, organize, write, improve, and edit) and paragraph structure. Students participate in both collaborative and individual writing activities.

Persuasive Paragraphs

Price: $450

Students learn the essay writing process by writing a persuasive essay requiring no research. Students explore the four stages of writing through games, and write an opinion essay both as a team as well as independently.

Opinion Essay

Price: $360

Executive Functioning Senior teaches the skills necessary to get things done, such as organization, time management, task initiation, studying strategies, and more. Students get to know their own style, explore a variety of tools and strategies, and select the ones that work best for them.

Executive Functioning Senior


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