1-to-1 Teaching to Enhance Written Expression Skills

Helping your child develop strong writing skills now not only enhances their current academic achievement, but also their future educational success.

Often students have a wealth of ideas but have difficulty expressing themselves in written form. RRLS writing programs, including Power Writing, break the writing process into systematic and manageable pieces thereby reducing anxiety and increasing writing confidence.


Please refer to the 1-to-1 Programming page for in-depth information about our 1-to-1 personalized teaching.

Writing Program Details

What Skills are Taught?

Proofreading its errorRRLS 1-to-1 written expression programs equip students with the tools necessary to tackle language homework, longer assignments and essays with confidence. We provide students with a systematic approach to the writing process that includes:

  • Pre-Writing Tasks: brainstorming and organizing thoughts
  • Developing research and note-taking skills
  • Creating well-structured, complex sentences and paragraphs
  • Expanding vocabulary choices
  • Enhancing spelling and grammar skills
  • Editing and revising work


RRLS programs can be individualized to include:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Literature analysis
  • Media literacy
  • Oral communication skills
  • Language Arts study strategies


How Does RRLS Teach Writing Mastery?

Each aspect of the writing process is taught to mastery before moving on to the next stage. Students have ample time to practice each concept while receiving constructive and guiding feedback from our learning specialists. Our writing program, based on Power Writing concepts, supports and enhances what students have learned, consolidates their knowledge, and adds new understanding, so that students gradually, yet steadily, improve their written communication skills.

RRLS learning specialists are trained to provide a differentiated program of instruction for each student. We use a systematic approach to create a unique curriculum that breaks down what can be seen by some students as an overwhelming process, into manageable pieces.


What Programs Are Used?

RRLS uses structured, systematic, and multi-sensory activities to increase student confidence and skill level.

  •  Power Writing: A unique numerical approach to the writing process effective for grades 2 through 12. Writing concepts are introduced through interactive games and activities designed to reduce anxiety and increase confidence surrounding written expression. 
  •  Essay Coach: 


Which Students Benefit Most?

RRLS writing programs are designed to be effective for students at any stage of the writing process and can be used effectively with students seeking remediation, homework support or enrichment. Our teaching strategies are kinesthetic and multi-sensory, so they appeal to all types of learners.

  •  Remediation: 
  • Enrichment: Our writing support programs are ideal for students ready to broaden their craft and apply these new skills to a variety of writing genres (i.e., narrative, expository, or descriptive prose).
  • Homework support: A focus on the writing process including pre-writing tasks; developing complex sentences, vocabulary, spelling and grammar skills: as well as employing editing skills enhances the learning experience of all students, including those working to maintain grade-level expectations or reach a higher academic standard.

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