1-to-1 Teaching for Stronger Time Management & Organization Skills

It’s never too early (or too late) to help your child develop the skills necessary for academic success. Developing strong time management and organization skills will allow your child to stay on track and navigate themselves through the school year. However, improved time management and organizational skills don’t always happen naturally. Many students need to learn how to implement, and consistently execute, these skills over the long term.

At RRLS, we understand how to develop stronger work habits in order to overcome anxiety while increasing confidence and motivation. We work within a student’s school curriculum, while providing an innovative and unique approach to:

Organization of binders, notes, and assignments
Effective note-taking skills
Time management

Over time, your child will see significant results from consistently applying these foundational skills:

Greater confidence
Time management
Improved foundation for academic achievement
Increased positive outlook toward academics


Please refer to the 1-to-1 Programming page for in-depth information about our 1-to-1 personalized teaching.

Time Management & Organization Program Details

Students at all grade levels benefit from our Time Management & Organization support. Whether your child has good general skills but needs help managing longer assignments or has a backpack brimming unorganized papers, RRLS can help your child find an organizational system that is tailored to his or her needs.

What Skills Are Taught?

After thoroughly assessing a student’s learning needs and goals, we teach students how to:

Effectively use an agenda (paper and digital) and other organizational tools
Accurately estimate time needed for assignments and test preparation and then prioritize
Break work down into manageable chunks
Complete homework accurately and in a timely manner
Organize binders, backpacks, desks and workspaces

We recommend attending at least two lessons per week, which establishes a positive learning rhythm, allowing the learning specialist to keep abreast of the student’s work habits and school demands. Regularity also allows for the development of the positive study habits mentioned above.


Which Students Benefit Most?

RRLS Time Management and Organization support is designed to enhance the learning experience of all students, including those working to maintain grade-level expectations and those working to reach a higher academic standard. Our teaching strategies are personalized for each student and take in to account the time management and organizational needs of the student. Our Time Management and Organization support can be used effectively with students seeking both enrichment and remediation.

Remediation: A systematic approach to time management and organization, where concepts are taught explicitly, and learning specialists break down workloads into manageable pieces. Our job is to cater to the learning style of each student, which is beneficial for students with learning differences, as well as for students with ADD/ADHD, anxiety and executive functioning issues.

Enrichment:  Our Time Management and Organization support is ideal for students ready to take their skills to a new level. Our innovative 21st Century approach gives students with strong skills an even greater advantage.

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