1-to-1 Teaching for Homework Support & Study Skills

Since the primary purpose of homework is to reinforce the information and skills students learn at school, it is vital that they understand how to make the best use of their time and effort both in school and at home. Developing a successful daily routine for homework and studying can be challenging.

At RRLS we not only help our students develop stronger work habits, but we guide our students to see themselves as academically successful. We work within a student’s school curriculum, explaining, re-teaching and pre-teaching course work so that the student understands all concepts and methods. The results are significant:

Greater confidence

Improved foundation for academic achievement

Increased positive outlook toward academics


Please refer to the 1-to-1 Programming page for in-depth information about our 1-to-1 personalized teaching.


Homework Support Program Details

Students at all grade levels benefit from Homework Support & Study Skills. RRLS works with those whose grades need improvement as well as those striving to maintain a higher academic standard. We provide the support and insight necessary to effectively navigate the education system in order to achieve personal goals.

What Skills Are Taught?

After thoroughly assessing a student’s learning needs and goals, we teach students how to:

Break work down into manageable chunks
Effectively use an agenda and other organizational tools
Take clear classroom and text notes
Complete homework accurately and in a timely manner
Review course material to consolidate knowledge and prepare for tests and exams

We recommend attending at least two lessons per week, which establishes a positive learning rhythm, allowing the learning specialist to keep abreast of the student’s work habits and school demands. Regularity also allows for the development of the positive study habits mentioned above.


Which Students Benefit Most?

RRLS Homework Support & Study Skills is designed to enhance the learning experience of all students, including those working to maintain grade-level expectations and those working to reach a higher academic standard. Our teaching strategies are kinesthetic and multi-sensory, so they appeal to all types of learners. Our Homework Support & Study Skills program can be used effectively with students seeking both enrichment and remediation.

Remediation: A systematic approach to homework and study skills where concepts are taught explicitly, and learning specialists break down classroom concepts into manageable pieces. Our job is to cater to the learning style of each student, which is beneficial for students with learning differences, as well as for students with ADD/ADHD, anxiety and executive functioning issues.

Enrichment: Our Homework Support & Study Skills program is ideal for students ready to broaden their knowledge and apply new skills to a variety of subject areas in Math, Social Studies, English, Science, and more.

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