Your Test Preparation Continues Online

Online test preparation is a convenient way to master a test at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. Just as with in-person lessons, online lessons are designed strategically to teach new concepts, reinforce knowledge, and build test-taking skills.

A variety of online tools and apps allow us to maintain the quality of education we’re used to offering in-person. During RRLS online test prep, students will experience:

Video conferencing via Zoom
Use of digital whiteboards
Working on virtual collaborative spaces
Web-based course modules
Digital testing platforms with full-length practice tests, practice test sections, and content-based practice questions


1-to-1 Test Preparation Online

Here are a few reasons why 1-to-1 prep is the way to go:

Individualized Lessons

Through an initial diagnostic assessment, we identify students’ strengths and areas of needs.

Strategic learning

Teachers offer guided instruction through carefully selected test content based on learning needs. We use a variety of official resources from the SSAT, ACT, SAT to prep students as well as our original RRLS test-prep content.

Test simulations & Homework

Students become familiar with the feeling of being in a timed-test situation and become accustomed to managing time efficiently and prioritizing questions strategically. Homework is personalized to consolidate learning during non-lesson time.

Expert teachers

Our teachers are passionate educators with years of experience in test prep, both in person and online.

Ongoing Communication

We provide students and parents with frequent progress updates and teachers are readily available to answer questions.

Support for students of all abilities

We understand that everyone learns differently! We are experts in supporting students with all types of learning needs. We also guide parents and students through the process of applying for accommodations by request.


More Information About RRLS Test Prep

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Test Prep Online FAQ

A laptop or desktop computer with a functioning microphone and webcam (tablets and cellphones can be used but are not optimal for online lessons).
If possible, headphones with a microphone for clearer communication.
Be ready to learn! Students get the most out of online lessons when they get ready for the day as if they were attending in-person lessons.
Attempt a video conference session with a friend or family member ahead of time to ensure that your equipment and internet connection are ready for online lessons.
Join the video session 15 minutes before it begins to avoid technical issues.
If possible, ask others in your home to limit their internet usage while you are in a lesson (streaming Netflix and Spotify uses bandwidth, and that means less bandwidth for you).