Gaining acceptance into a private middle school or high school can be a long and complicated process.

At RRLS, we work closely with students who are preparing to write entrance exams- both those that are used internationally, like the SSAT, and those that are created and used by individual schools in Toronto. We also provide support and preparation for students who have upcoming interviews at their prospective schools.

Our unique approach to interview preparation focuses on four topics: resume writing, body language and speaking with adults, mock interviews, and answering the big question: “do you have any questions for us?” Each one of these topics is addressed carefully by our team of learning specialists in a way that makes kids feel confident about themselves and prepared for a potentially stressful situation- the interview!

Entrance Interview Prep Details

Resume building

Building a resume helps students to feel confident in talking about their skills and experiences. These are not resumes in the traditional sense- students are not sharing them with the schools they are applying to. Rather, these “resumes” are created for the students themselves in order to help them identify and catalogue the things that make them stand out, the achievements they are proud of, and the things that make them a great fit for the school. Students use our resume template to organize their experiences so that they have an arsenal of fantastic information about themselves from which to draw when interviewing.

Body Language and speaking with adults

Many young people know the basics of body language in formal situations- sit up straight, make eye contact, and offer a handshake. But many kids have a difficult time talking to adults they don’t know well, because it’s something they so rarely do! Students doing interview prep at RRLS will practice active listening, as well as meeting, greeting and conversing with our team of teachers. Our students leave class feeling more comfortable making small talk with adults, coming across as more confident, and, most importantly, speaking in ways that let their personalities shine through!

Mock interviews

Some interview prep courses train kids how to answer common questions. At RRLS, we believe in helping students find the confidence to speak genuinely about themselves and their experiences, rather than having them memorize answers. In our mock interviews, students become familiar with the kinds of questions that are often asked and the kinds of talking points that are appropriate when responding these questions. Our learning specialists work together to meet with students to practice a rotational-style interview, and give collaborative feedback to students once the mock interview is over.

Final question

Whether in a job interview as an adult or in a school interview as a child, that final query, “do you have any questions for us?” can be difficult to respond to. “How many students go to this school” is an easy question to find the answer to and doesn’t stand out as an exceptional question. We work closely with our students in investigating the individual schools to which they are applying to find relevant, unique and relatable information about those schools, which then serves as the basis for the questions we form. By the end of the interview prep, students will be ready to ask a question that connects the school to their own strengths and interests, helps them stand out as a memorable candidate, and helps to showcase their genuine desire to be a part of the school community.

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RRLS interview prep is available to students as a part of their test preparation plan or on its own. We offer custom interview prep in both group and 1-to-1 format.

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