There are many stages to reading development, but between Junior Kindergarten and Grade 2, students are typically consolidating phonological awareness, developing phonics skills, and learning to recognize high-frequency sight words.

RRLS early reading classes are designed to strengthen the foundational skills necessary to be a successful reader. We foster and develop critical reading skills through active, engaging games and lots of practice and repetition. By the end of each program, students will be proud of the progress they have made.

Early Reading Group Class

The Yak Pack

Grades JK-2

*Note: This class can be delivered as a 5-hour, virtual 1:1 class during the COVID pandemic. Please contact us for more details.

Based on our own sight words and phonics book series, The Yak Pack is an exciting, multisensory program for beginner readers. Students will work through the first two books of Comics and Phonics and the first book of Sight Word Stories. Each student will also receive the complete 9-book set to continue their learning at home.

In this ten-hour program, students will explore:

The first three stages of phonological awareness: rhyming, alliteration, and blending
Early phonics: short vowels and digraphs (ch, sh, and th)
The first ten words from the Dolch high-frequency word lists: and, the, to, he, you, I, a, it, of, and in

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