To succeed in higher-level mathematics, students must develop math fluency – the ability to automatically retrieve facts and perform essential calculations. Once they feel confident in their own mastery of math fundamentals, students begin to experiment, take risks, and make new conceptual connections.

RRLS early math classes are designed to engage students as they develop math fluency in a supportive environment. Abstract concepts are made concrete with engaging activities, manipulatives, and exploratory play. By the end of each program, students will feel proud of the independence they have gained.

Early Math Group Classes


Grades 1-3

Note: Mathemagics will be offered once in-person lessons resume.

Mathemagics is an active, engaging program designed to unleash students’ developing numeracy skills! Based on Number Sense strand of Ontario’s Grade 2 mathematics curriculum, this class offers students the chance to develop their math confidence in a supportive environment. Students entering Grade 2 will have the chance to work ahead, while students entering Grades 3 and 4 will revisit areas of challenge and build independence.

In this ten-hour program, students will explore:

Skip-counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, and 25s
Mental math strategies for addition and subtraction
Place value
2-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping
Reading and representing money amounts of to 100 cents

Math Boosters

Grades 4-6

This class is designed for students who need a review of key concepts in the Ontario curriculum in preparation for back-to-school! Students will develop increased confidence and independence in a supportive small group environment. Students will participate in fun and engaging activities to learn each concept and have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to independent problem solving at multiple levels.

In this 10-hour program, students will review:

The four operations
Strategies for solving word problems
Money and decimal place values
Fractions, equivalent fractions, and improper fractions

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