Ruth Rumack

“I believe that the power to master a particular learning concern, or to motivate students to succeed to the measure of their full potential, starts by acknowledging the special individuality of the student.”

– Ruth Rumack

Academic Support Is My Passion

I have been a full-time teacher and educational coach since 1996, and have developed my programs and unique method of teaching by working primarily One to One with students, or in small groups.

I have watched students respond to the support and encouragement that is only available in a stimulating educational environment. I have seen shy learners bloom, helped uncertain learners find a solid footing for lifelong personal growth, and guided gifted minds to their most productive path of learning.

Every student discovers his or her own strengths in learning in a unique way. The role of the teacher is to help the student understand how to unlock the learning power within, and apply it in a manner that will be both productive and beneficial.

My Background

As an educator, I have a particular interest in working with students of all ages who experience reading challenges, as well as those diagnosed with Learning Differences and other exceptionalities such as ADD/ADHD, and anxiety and executive functioning issues. I am a member of the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario and I regularly attend learning conferences to ensure that I am at the leading edge of new research and new methodologies. Additionally, I conference regularly with psychologists and other educators, and I pursue my own research in hopes of finding the best programs and solutions for my students.

As an academic support specialist, I believe nurturing students’ academic talents is one of the most rewarding opportunities in the teaching profession. This is why I have chosen to focus my practice exclusively on academic support.