Jen Makwana

What do you teach?
I have taught in many different areas at RRLS, but my primary focus is at the primary/junior level. I love helping students with early reading acquisition.

Why did you become a teacher?
I started my career in early childhood education because I adored being around young children. Their curiosity and excitement was so infectious and I loved watching them explore their worlds and acquire new skills. From there, I developed a strong interest in how children learn, and it seemed a natural fit to become a teacher. 

How would your students describe you?
My students would likely describe me as fun-loving. My creative side, coupled with a healthy dose of competitive spirit, allows me to turn almost any activity into a game. Why say it when you can play it?

What’s your favourite challenge to help students overcome?
Helping students overcome reading challenges is a passion of mine. I love seeing students put those pieces together and read their first word, sentence, or story! I also have a personal connection to ADHD and autism, and helping students overcome the challenges associated with those differences is particularly meaningful to me. 

What’s your favourite thing about working at RRLS?
My favourite thing about working at the RRLS is the opportunity to be a part of many different endeavors. During my time here, I’ve written story books on phonological awareness (Alpha-Mania Adventures), helped to develop a series of phonics and sight word comics (The Yak Pack), created lesson plans for new group classes, and taught so many unique and wonderful students!

What’s your favourite way to spend an afternoon?
My favourite way to spend an afternoon is discovering a new park, trail, or playground with my happy little explorers in tow.